GnuCash Budget Report

Herbert Thoma herbert.thoma at
Mon Jul 14 02:27:18 EDT 2014

Dear Peter,

although I did the cash-flow report, I don't know much scheme either.
It was mostly copying from other reports and lots of try and error ;-).

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Am 13.07.2014 13:16, schrieb Peter:
> Hi Chris,
> I wonder if you could help me as I’m getting quite stuck! I’ve been using GnuCash for a few years now and am a Delphi/C# developer with a very small amount of Python and unix exposure. I am trying to create a Budget Period Report, based on your Budget Report in GnuCash, budget.scm, based on Herbert Thoma's cash-flow.scm.
> My problem is that I have 12 periods in my budget, one for each month of the tax year. However, when I run the budget report, the columns go way off the edge of the screen, and I can’t see which accounts the figures are referring to, without having to export to OpenOffice spreadsheet and freeze the account name column (excel for mac doesn’t like the export for some reason).
> So I created a budget-period.scm copied from budget.scm. Well I got as far as adding the report to the budget menu (putting it in the standard reports folder, changing the GUID and the report name), and adding the period option into the options general tab (by copying the option code from budget-flow.scm) - see screenshots below.
> But I then got lost in the code, not really knowing Scheme (I did study LISP in varsity 20 years ago and can remember car cdr and cons, and have managed to get Scheme Petite going in a terminal window).
> I think the easiest way would be to limit periodList to the period I am looking for somehow, but I can’t seem to figure it all out from the Scheme scripting no matter how many times I read it or do google searches. Any pointers?
> Thanks in advance,
> Peter Templin
> Johannesburg, South Africa.

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