Bug cleanup #4

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Thu Jul 17 05:01:01 EDT 2014

On Jul 15, 2014, at 3:35 PM, Michalis Kamprianis <michalis at linuxmail.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I believe the following bugs can close :
> Bug Nr | Description                              | Reason          | Assigned to
> 122895 | general ledger should be named journal   | Patch submitted | David Hampton

The patch isn't enough, comments on the bug.

> 87652  | KVP modification does not change "dirty" | Private KVP     | gnucash-core-maint

While I *think* that all instances of this are fixed, there are still cross-object direct kvp frame uses in engine itself. I'll be cleaning that up in the C++ rewrite, and leave the bug open until then.

> 721654 | OFX import of 401K gets buys backwards   | Fixed           | gnucash-reports-maint

Closed, fixed.

> 144885 | problem with a double currency txn when  | No response     | David Hampton

Closed, incomplete.

> 148068 | account change does not modify the cur.. | Fixed           | David Hampton

Closed, fixed.

> 118391 | Long currency names untranslated         | Fixed           | Christian Stimming 

Did you test this yourself in Windows in a non-English locale? Christian's last post on the bug says that he thought at the time that it was still a problem.

> 121655 | QOF Query Combinatorics are poor for ... | Won't fix       | gnucash-core-maint

Closed, won't fix.

> 327631 | Assets Barchart report way too compressed| Fixed           | Josh Sled

Closed, fixed.

> 510222 | Ask for country as first question        | Fixed           | David Hampton

This isn't fixed. The New Accounts assistant asks what currency to use, but then uses the current locale to select what account templates to offer, and there's no way to override that selection.

I also closed 365204 as fixed.

John Ralls

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