C++ 11 and Boost

Lance Edgar lance at edbob.org
Mon Jul 21 01:33:59 EDT 2014

On 06/15/2014, John Ralls wrote:
> I’m getting quite close to merging the current C++-build branch into master again, and this brings two significant changes:
> * A C++-11 capable compiler is required; the test in configure looks for the compiler accepting either -std=c++11 or -std=c++0x.
> * Boost version 1.50 or greater will be required. There’s nothing magic about that version, it was just the oldest of the ones on the various VMs I’ve got. If someone would rather have an older minimum version, I can change it.

I'd never tried to compile GnuCash before now, so wasn't sure what to 
expect.  It all went pretty smooth and the initial blockers were pretty 
obvious to get past, e.g. installing some development packages I didn't 
have previously.

The hardest for me was the Boost requirement, since I had 1.49.0 
installed via package manager (using Debian 7.6 "wheezy").  Luckily 
found the comment above, so I hand-edited my configure script to require 
1.49.0 and was back in business.  But that was after having downloaded 
Boost myself and not having any luck with the BOOST_ROOT environment 
variable or the --with-boost or --with-boost-libdir configure options.

So point being, if the minimum really is somewhat arbitrary then I would 
vote it be lowered to 1.49.0 (at least?).


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