Announcing GnuCash Android v1.4.0-beta1

Kim Wood kim.wood at
Fri Jul 25 07:42:33 EDT 2014

Hello Ngewi, 

Some early transaction importing observations:

1. Large files import successfully.

2. All accounts are created successfully.

3. All transactions up to and including today's date import successfully.

4. Transaction account, category and amount are imported successfully.

4. Any transaction with a future date DOES NOT import.

5. The notes fields DO NOT import successfully - this field is blank in all
transactions in the Android version.

6. The number field DOES NOT import.

7. The reconciliation status field DOES NOT import.

It's a pretty good first effort in importing transactions.  With a few
improvements, it will be very good!  My bug fix priorities would be the (1)
memo field, then (2) future dated transactions, then (3) the number field,
and, finally the (4) the reconciliation status filed.

I will keep testing the imported data.



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