Apportioning GST in the account register

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Tue Jul 29 09:43:06 EDT 2014

>   The way the current Gnucash customer invoice interface works with 
> options for "Taxable?" and "Tax Included?" is perfect for their needs, 
> as long as it can be implemented in a normal cheque account register.  
> Some transactions would be taxable and others not.
> I am happy to do the development work and release it under GPL, but 
> just need some assistance in homing in on the appropriate source files.

I really do not comprehend how people think this could be automated.

If I walk into "Wilsons" (a local independent department store, does 
carry high end stuff at excellent prices for the quality) and purchase a 
number of items and pay at checkout with one check:

1) Eight  pairs of slacks at $40  ------------- $320  (not taxable in 
this jurisdiction)
2) A fancy new winter coat with fur trimmed collar at $310  TAXABLE -- 
although clothing isn't taxable in this jurisdiction "luxury" clothing 
is; any  items costing over X dollars. I am saying X because can't 
expect another jurisdiction that has this policy to be using the same X. 
Note that the slacks weren't' taxed because in this jurisdiction that X 
is on a per item basis.
3) A set of pots and pans $95 --------------- $95 taxable
4) A small box of buns to be taken home and eaten there --- $4 not 
taxed, food
5) A small box of buns $4 to be eaten along with our coffee $2  so $6 
and this is subject to the tax as "meals" and is treated different than 

Look, I can enter this manually into gnucash from the receipt which will 
spell out the amount that was tax. But I can't imagine gnucash having 
code to automate for THIS specific jurisdiction, especially if you 
consider that if this were at a store 20 miles to the North or 30 miles 
to the NE (as the crow flies) or 50 miles to the W or 60 miles to the S 
would have been in different jurisdictions with different sales tax 
rules (no sales tax in the one 30 miles to the NE).


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