An eclectic approach for collaborative GnuCash

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Jun 23 06:28:48 EDT 2014

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On 23 June 2014 11:05, Emmanuel Florent <emmanuel.florent at> wrote:
> Well when that'll be done, a problem will remain:
> - setting a SGDB on a LAN,

Yes, you would need to setup a  mysql or postgres server, which is not
a major exercise.

> - setting a up a VPN,

Not necessary, just use an ssh tunnel to securely access the server.

> It can be solved. xTuple for example does that with an installer +
> postgresql on the cloud.
> But it remain impossible to work if you are on a train, on a flight
> for example...

That would work with an ssh tunnel, I believe.

However, once the database work is complete then a further extension
could be to add a REST interface to gnucash so that a web application
could be provided.  That would allow easy web-based access.


> Bgrds
> EF
> 2014-06-23 8:00 GMT+01:00 Colin Law <clanlaw at>:
>> On 21 June 2014 19:32, Emmanuel Florent <emmanuel.florent at> wrote:
>>> Once would like a multi-user Gnucash without the SGDB/VPN setup nightmare.
>>> Dream...
>>> The goal is to work on books on multiple computers and with multiple users.
>>> I've a proposal for a Python script that take a Gnucash xml file,
>>> convert it to post request on a REST service.
>>> Then using the same process it can pull down data to merge an xml file
>>> from the nosql db.
>>> To get an idea of the whole thing from a programmer view,
>>> here are the  unit test:
>>> What do you think of this off-topic proposal ?
>>> Would you have achieved the same goal differently ? How ? Why ?
>> Will this problem not be solved by the planned (eventually) completion
>> of the sql interface which will mean that the s/w will interact
>> directly with the database rather than reading it all into memory?
>> Then multiple users can connect to the db at once.  This is a major
>> piece of work however.
>> Colin

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