Fix for installation of HTML Help Workshop on Windows Vista & more recent

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Wed Jun 25 13:38:39 EDT 2014

Tue, 17 Jun 2014 19:26:56 <13239941.Bj5nrGT431 at legolas.kobaltwit.lan> 
Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>

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>On Tuesday 17 June 2014 18:05:28 Geert Janssens wrote:
>> I have just pushed a number of commits to gnucash-on-windows that
>> hopefully fixes the issue that HTML Help Workshop could not be
>> installed on Windows Vista and more recent due to insufficient
>> privileges.
>> I don't have such a Windows system so I need some volunteers to test
>> it and give feedback.
>> The way to test would be to set up a development environment on
>> Windows following the instructions here:
>> If you already have a development environment set up based on the
>> gnucash-on-windows repository you can skip the basic set up and just
>> remove HTML Help Workshop via the Windows control panel and rerun
>> What I hope is that you can successfully install HTML Help Workshop
>> when during the corresponding step. On Windows Vista and more recent
>> I expect Windows to show a UAC which you should grant.
>> In all cases, please keep in mind that you should *NOT* install HTML
>> Help Workshop in the gcdev directories. Just install it in the
>> default location somewhere under Program Files or similar. This has
>> the added benefit that one single installation is ever needed. If you
>> set up multiple development environments for gnucash, they will all
>> use the same HH installation.
>> I'm looking forward for all feedback.

>I just found a bug in my own code: if you install HTML Help Workshop in 
>a path containing
>spaces the gnucash build step will fail. I'm looking into this right 
>now. The htmlhelp step
>itself should work though.

I haven't checked what else has changed [1] (obviously boost is new) but
line 1419
is breaking the build as the PATH to hhc isn't being remembered from (I 
function inst_hh ()
1146    _HH_UDIR=`unix_path $HH_DIR`
1147    _HH_SYS_UDIR="`unix_path $HH_SYS_DIR`"

function make_chm()
1418        echo "Will now call hhc.exe for $_CHM_TYPE ($_CHM_LANG)..."
1419        hhc htmlhelp.hhp  >/dev/null  || true
1420        echo "... hhc.exe completed successfully."
can't find hhc.   if I change line 1419 to
         /c/e/progs/hh/hhc htmlhelp.hhp  >/dev/null  || true
where: /c/e/progs/hh/ is my new HH location with no spaces it builds OK 
so finding hhc in the PATH is the issue.  I'm guessing that when you 
moved HH out of the build directory the PATH to hhc.exe was in your 
environment so you didn't notice the HH DIR related changes in inst_hh()

[1] I had [2] given up on your build + python and moved my attention to 
building under cygwin and understanding how applications like GIMP that 
need python and work on Win just as well as *nix manage what we (or at 
least I) seem unable to do.

[2] language note: "had" past tense.  I'll have another go but the whole 
gnc + python (not just on Win) all seems very flaky. [3]

[3] This is probably better suited for another thread but there are some 
parts of configure that I don't believe could ever have resulted in a 
working gnc+python under Win.  Maybe a working gnc+python has never 
actually happened and is actually mythical?  I thought I'd be 
formalising something extant ...


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