Import Invoice Entries by Database Trigger

Adrian Hodson no.bicycle.subscriptions at
Wed Mar 12 06:47:22 EDT 2014

I am using Partkeepr for inventory and Gnucash on the same Mysql server

I plan for customers to sign off on an initial invoice from Gnucash.
A Partkeepr Materials List ID will be identical to the Gnucash Invoice

I would like to create a database trigger  on Partkeeper that inserts
Materials entries (quantity, price, etc) into the Entries table in
Gnucash using the invoice number (pre-created in Gnucash). 

I see the entries in the Gnucash Entries table have guid,date and
date_entered fields as not null. Followed by invoice related fields
i_acct ... i_discount_denom ... , followed by billing related fields
and finally order_guid. 

Could this mechanism work from Gnucash point of view? 

If so,  I would like to know how to obtain a new instance of guid for
the records that I insert. Also Which of the Entries table fields are
foreign keys?

Such a mechanism would be of general benefit to anyone using an
external inventory system.

Best wishes

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