Python bindings: Account.getName() raises TypeError

Felix Schwarz at
Sun Mar 16 15:08:44 EDT 2014


after switching to gnucash 2.6 I noticed that at least some of the Python
methods are broken [1]. A call to Account.getName() raises a TypeError but
unfortunately the error message is not helpful to me (as I never used swig
TypeError: in method 'xaccAccountGetName', argument 1 of type 'Account const *'

I tried to pin down the issue via bisecting but the problem was that many
older version don't build for me because of broken svn references. Probably
the error was introduced very early after 2.4, I noticed the same behavior in
2.5.3 (the first 2.5 version I was able to build without hassle).

I noticed that most core developers don't use the Python bindings themself so
I'm looking for pointers where I should start looking to fix the error.
- How would you tackle the problem? More bisecting efforts? Runtime debugging?
- Should I try to get acquainted with swig?
- Is it possible the my issue is just Fedora-related (e.g. due to some bad
  library version)?
- Any hints what could have caused the issue (e.g. bigger swig related
  changes, core refactorings)?

Thanks for reading,


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