libdbi-0.9.0 vs. libdbi-0.8.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 Issue

Herbert Mühlburger mail at
Thu May 1 15:23:53 EDT 2014

Am 2014-05-01 17:55, schrieb John Ralls:
> On May 1, 2014, at 8:45 AM, Derek Atkins <warlord at> wrote:
>> Herbert Mühlburger <mail at> writes:
>>> After installing libdbi-0.8.3 I could run GnuCash without
>>> problems. As you mentioned there seems to be a problem with the
>>> latest version of libdbi. Where is the GNC_DBD_DIR env variable
>>> being set?
>> I thought it got set during configure?
> It’s actually there to allow post-build override, which is
> necessary in the MacOSX bundle. Try setting it explicitly to the
> correct path.

There is an interesting behaviour:

1) Installing libdbi-0.8.4, compiling gnucash and running it using a
sqlite3 GnuCash-file works as expected.

I downloaded the official tar.gz from
compiled and installed it on my system.

2) Installing libdbi-0.9.0 from source and compiling GnuCash results
in the following output:

checking dbi/dbi.h usability... yes
checking dbi/dbi.h presence... yes
checking for dbi/dbi.h... yes
checking Looking for at least one supported DBD module... configure:
Unable to find any of the supported dbd modules
(libdbdsqlite3, libdbdmysql, or libdbdpgsql) needed to actually use
the SQL

If you do have them installed the problem is either that dlopen cannot
find them or that dlopen itself is not getting linked. Check config.log
to find out which.  You can add the option --with-dbi-dbd-dir pointing to
the directory in which they are located.

If you do not actually want to build with libdi add --disable-dbi
to the configure argument list and run it again.

./configure --prefix=/opt/gnucash --enable-compile-warnings
--enable-dbi  5,35s user 2,96s system 103% cpu 8,009 total

Everything I change is the version of libdbi from 0.8.4 to 0.9.0. Are
the dbd-modules for libdbi-0.9.0 located somewhere else and GnuCash
does not search there?

Thank you very much and kind regards,

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