gnucash: entry field autodecrements

Thomas Klausner tk at
Mon May 26 06:40:24 EDT 2014


I've updated my NetBSD to 6.99.43 and reinstalled all packages from

Now I've noticed that when adding an entry, gnucash automatically
decrements the date field whenever I switch entry fields. I.e., when I
enter an entry for today and press tab to go to the next field, the
date is decremented to yesterday. This also happens when I click on
another field with the mouse. When I click on an older entry, the date
of that entry is also changed.

I had changed the pkgsrc gnucash dependencies yesterday (removing
libgnomeui and adding some dependencies that were pulled in via other
dependencies, but are checked for by the configure script), so I undid
that; no change. I also tried installing an older binary package and
deleting .gnucash, killing dconf and clearing out .cache/dconf and
.config/dconf; nothing helped.

I'm pretty stumped because I don't have an idea what could cause such
strange behaviour.

Does anyone have an idea?

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