Python Module and libdbi-0.9.0

David Osguthorpe david.osguthorpe at
Tue May 27 10:55:22 EDT 2014

> But it brings up another question: What good is the Python module? This isn’t the python bindings that allow one to use the GnuCash API from a Python program, this is something that tries to use those bindings from inside of GnuCash. The former live in src/optional/python-bindings. This lives in src/python.

I have just made use of the python module - I also discovered src/python when changed from 2.4 to 2.6 at end 2013 and
did not see what use was being made of it (seems to have been added around 2011 but not really changed since then
according to git)

Starting from this module I have just created additional modules/bindings which allow writing new menu additions
in python and creating new "reports" in python - this is completely divorced from the current gnucash report system 
in that no scheme is used.

The menu additions use a tightly coupled new gncmod module and python module so that the primary gnc module functions
eg the class_init, init, finalize and menu callback functions end up as calls to python objects.

The python report system uses a wrapper to GncPluginPage based on the python system for wrapping gobjects
as used in eg the python gtk bindings - this was the first parent object of GncPluginPageReport which contained
no scheme. You can write into the page created using any gtk method eg python gtk bindings, I also have a partial
wrapper for the GncHTML so webkit can be used to format html in a string (creating an html string seems to be the end
result of all scheme reports).
(I also have a preliminary implementation of the option dialog in python).

It seems reasonably stable - I was thinking about emailing this list soon to see what interest there is in this


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