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Christoph Holtermann c.holtermann at
Mon Nov 10 10:10:01 EST 2014

Dear developers,

to get my invoices to LaTeX I went to jinja2 templating engine
which works quite fine.

I want to be able to show a list of all invoices to select which one to extract.
This leads to my question:

What ways are there to list all invoices (with python) ?

I first went through all lots to get corresponding invoices - which leaves all
invoices without transactions. Did this in
Then I realized that in the python business bindings there is
InvoiceLookupByID which is a good way to access invoices.
But it's not possible by this way to know all IDs.

When I use the way similar to the search dialogue like "all invoices
after 1970 january" I would probably get all invoices. But as far as I
know the query api is not yet open to python, is it ?

Is there another way to get all invoices ?


Christoph Holtermann

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