python GnuCash interface to SQL backend

Christian Stimming christian at
Sat Nov 15 16:42:17 EST 2014

Dear Sébastien,

I really try not to be rude, but a little bit it seems to me as if you don't 
accept "no" as an answer here. You asked whether the gnucash developers 
support an alternative SQL access layer written in python from scratch, and 
John's and other answers clearly said "no". What else are you looking for?

John as already outlined many important aspects about our object model. In 
case you haven't see this so far, some current documentation is also here and the linked "Entity-Relationship 
Diagram" there, . 

But let's just make this clear: You asked whether your idea would be endorsed 
and supported by us, and the answer was clearly a "no". If you like to 
continue your idea, feel free to do so. But just don't repeatedly discuss here 
whether we want to change our answer (at this point in time). Thanks!



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