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On Nov 15, 2014, at 12:59 PM, Christoph Holtermann <c.holtermann at> wrote:

> Am 15.11.2014 um 18:45 schrieb John Ralls:
>>> On Nov 15, 2014, at 7:32 AM, Christoph Holtermann <c.holtermann at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> some time ago I found that changes to customer data in the GUI are not being
>>> saved. When working on a company object i made qof_instance_set_dirty
>>> return a debug message. I found that when changing text in gncAddress
>>> this is not being triggered. When in the GUI I change the state of activity
>>> the object gets marked dirty (and the text is being saved, too). Same thing
>>> when using the python bindings.
>>> There I see that SetActive is a method of gncCustomer, while the other ones
>>> are of gncAddress.
>>> I guess I shouldn't copy this behavior to my company object.
>>> Is this bug known ?
>>> I'll try to find out where it lives.
>> Customer address or Company address? I know that the Company data is written directly to KVP in Scheme and that I missed it when I went through all of the C KVP code last year to make sure that the containing object of KVP was properly marked and committed. If customer addresses are also getting missed, that's new.
>> You're using the SQL backend, right? I ask because saving an XML file copies everything in memory to a new file; that's why there were so many instances of writing data without committing it existed. It worked without committing in XML, so laziness was rewarded.
> I'm using SQL. Only Customer address change fails. Company address change works.
> Address goes like
> G_INLINE_FUNC void mark_address (GncAddress *address);
> void mark_address (GncAddress *address)
> {  
>    address->dirty = TRUE;
>    qof_event_gen (QOF_INSTANCE(address), QOF_EVENT_MODIFY, address->parent);
>    qof_event_gen (address->parent, QOF_EVENT_MODIFY, NULL);
> }
> while in my Company object I use (as in gncBillTerm.c or Commodity or Customer ...)
> G_INLINE_FUNC void mark_company (GncCompany *company);
> void mark_company (GncCompany *company)
> {  
>    qof_instance_set_dirty(QOF_INSTANCE(company));
>    qof_event_gen (QOF_INSTANCE(company), QOF_EVENT_MODIFY, NULL);
> }
> in my case it produces the error
> CRIT <gnc.backend.sql> [gnc_sql_commit_edit()] gnc_sql_commit_edit(): Unknown object type 'gncCompany'
> when I change mark_address to also call
> qof_instance_set_dirty(QOF_INSTANCE(address));
> an identical error message is being shown. And the changing of address doesn't get saved.
> So I guess that
> 1) my company object should rather behave as address in generating an event to tell it's parent, that
> it's dirty. Which would be book. Because book gets saved.
> 1b) There are object that get saved and then there are others that get saved by their parents.
> 2) The communication between parent Customer and child Address about dirtiness and saving is not
> working.


Since you’re using the SQL backend you probably want to study Once there you’ll notice that there’s no table at all for Company; as you know already, that’s implemented entirely in KVP hanging on the Book object. You’ll also notice that there’s no address table: The schema is denormalized with gncAddress’s fields included directly in customers (twice, once for billing and once for shipping); also once each for employees and vendors, so in those cases the commit code will have to determine which object the address goes to and do the change inside a an edit-mark-commit block for that object. Please file a bug on that. I don’t expect you to fix it yourself!

For your Company class you can either use gncAddress to handle editing the address or you can just have a set of GObject Properties, the setters and getters for which call the kvp frame functions directly inside an edit-mark-commit block on book, that being the object which contains the company kvp info.

John Ralls

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