Compile test-core in C++

John Ralls jralls at
Wed Nov 26 17:03:41 EST 2014

> On Nov 26, 2014, at 12:55 PM, Aaron Laws <dartme18 at> wrote:
>  Mr. Rall’s 

Ralls’s. I’m plural. ;-)

> Right. The C tests (using the gtest framework) shouldn't see any C++. Actually, the C tests shouldn't change at all (ideally) in response to your work. It sounds like your understanding is correct. 

Just to be clear, the gtest (i.e., Google test) framework is for C++ tests. The gtester (GLib test) is C-only and will be upset if you try to feed it C++, as will the legacy tests which use the stuff in src/test-core other than unittest-support.

John Ralls.

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