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Thu Nov 27 08:27:19 EST 2014

Wed, 26 Nov 2014 07:55:33 <5475DBD5.40305 at>  David Carlson 
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>On 11/21/2014 11:08 AM, Wm wrote:
>> Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:00:53
>> <B783F0D7-8DBC-4926-8139-29352347F120 at>  John Ralls
>> <jralls at>
>>>> On Nov 20, 2014, at 10:35 PM, Wm <wm+gnc at> 
>>>> Thu, 20 Nov 2014 16:23:38
>>>> <9A4E0683-21E6-4E34-AC60-90F5CD414DB1 at>  John Ralls
>>> <jralls at>
>>>> Your concerns are valid, but the Windows problems aren’t with
>>>> GnuCash code. The short version is that we broke the Windows build
>>>> system and can’t at the moment create a working Windows GnuCash to
>>>> distribute, regardless of the GnuCash version.
>>> ... and 2.6.4-2 isn't broken for everyone, it is in alternate daily
>>> use here on WinXP SP3.   e.g. I might use 2.6.3 Portable for a
>>> report I've already set up and 2.6.4-2 if I'm trying out a new one.
>>> Because of the way PortableApps store settings the two versions
>>> happily co-exist and use the same data, though not at the same time,
>>> obviously.
>> You might prefer the latest maint build from
>> to 2.6.4-2. The maint
>> build won't crash on quit. It's problem is that it displays only text
>> reports, no graphs.
> 2.6.4-2 git rev 79bdcf1+ on 2014-10-11
> doesn't crash on quit *and* produces graphs just fine for me so the
> maint build would appear to be retrograde

While my total test time with
is still measured in minutes on Win 7, I have not seen it crash, and I
have exported reports in HTML and opened them with Firefox, Chrome and
IE, although I had to let IE use Active-X, or whatever it said, and the
graphs appeared to display correctly.  I did not try stacked bars, which
may be a separate issue.  I would encourage other brave Windows users to
test that release or one of the two more recent releases on their own
test files.

Stacked bar graphs are fine here.

I'm wondering if the "don't use 2.6.4 on Win" message is broader than 
necessary ?

This is all very unfortunate, of course; the moment gnc gets mentioned 
as POTM is also the moment we're fuzzy about it working on some 
platforms.  Anyway ...

Wm reports 2.6.4-2 WinXP SP3 works including stacked bars and exits 

perhaps someone (I can do some triage today if pointed to the right 
place) should examine the "it didn't work for me" reports more carefully 
because it can't be a Win issue per se because if it was my situation 
would be impossible.


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