Doxygen - is there a status?

Carsten Rinke carsten.rinke at
Wed Sep 3 04:57:40 EDT 2014

Hi all,

thanks for the quick reply.


I have plenty.

Big ones like "how does qof work?" and small ones like "what does xacc 
actually stand for?".
Geert's hint in one of the bugzilla replies to maybe consider listening 
to signals in an area that appears to me totally unrelated made me aware 
that I still do not know GnuCash at all.
By accident I found the project.html file which is also quite an eye 
opener, too.

BTW: I took a look at the Wiki C API page. There is also good stuff in it.
Note that the link to the entity relationship diagram returns 404 and 
offers me a log in. Is that correct?

My first proposal would be to try to get Doxygen into something more 
like book style - meaning leading the unaware reader to a starting point 
and offer a reading thread. No idea if that is possible, but I think it 
would help.

I also wonder in how far requirements can be documented with Doxygen.

But the first question is:
How am I going to do this formally?
Should I open an Enhancement Bug and feed it with patches as I go along?
Or should I iteratively attach whole tar archives with the Doxygen html 
result as I would propose it for review?


On 02.09.2014 19:46, Christian Stimming (mobil) wrote:
> Hi Carsten, which questions do you want to get answered? If you have a 
> few, I'd like to try to write up something.
> Also, our wiki contains some text about the "c API". Maybe this is of 
> some help.
> Regards, Christian
> On 2. September 2014 17:10:00 MESZ, Carsten Rinke 
> <carsten.rinke at> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Lately I was working on a bug (which I did not manage yet to fix).
>     During the investigations I noticed that I am still running around like
>     a blind chicken when starting out with a new bug.
>     And the reason is simple: Even though I have worked and programmed quite
>     a bit for GnuCash already, I still don't understand the architecture of it.
>     So I decided to try a top down approach instead of the buttom up in
>     order to learn a bit more about the 'big picture'.
>     And that is how I (once again) came across Doxygen.
>     While my first Doxygen attempts as a reader where ending up in confusion
>     and even more questions, I think I have now understood the idea. Still
>     my impression is that some high level and introducing paragraphs might
>     be helpful.
>     Currently it tells you more on how to make use of it as an author than
>     to actually use it as a reader.
>     I could start lookin!
>       g into
>     ways how to improve it - but that implies
>     that stuff that I have in mind is really an improvement.
>     Therefore my first careful question:
>     What is the current status? Is there active work ongoing? Is it in
>     general agreed that additinional (even basic) work is needed in this
>     area? Or is everything (i.e. also conceptionally) in place as it should?
>     Kind regards,
>     Carsten
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