design directory, ERM; was: Doxygen - is there a status?

Christian Stimming christian at
Sat Sep 13 16:51:54 EDT 2014

Am Samstag, 13. September 2014, 10:45:51 schrieb Carsten Rinke:
> Hi,
> sorry for the delay, but last weekend my computer broke down while I was
> on travel.
> So I had to arrange for a replacement first.
> Trying to avoid a detailed discussion, let me try to summarize what I
> understand up to here
> - there is a difference of "higher level" design documentation and
> "lower level" design documentation, and the "lower level" part is
> currently in Doxygen/Git, the "higher level" part is available in bits
> and peaces in several places (Doxygen, texinfo files, Wiki, emails, etc.)
> - a decision is needed whether to go for Wiki or Doxygen including the
> points
> -- only Wiki for everything (meaning, move the lower level part to Wiki,
> too)
> -- only Doxygen/Git for everything
> -- Doxygen/Git for "Lower level", Wiki for "higher level"
> We have had quite different opinions so far about where and how the docu
> maintenance seems to be better. My impression is that no-one will
> convince no-one, no matter how long the discussion will be.
> How do you usually take decisions?
> Voting?

Oh well, we never have decided one some formal and/or clear decision process. 
For things like those: Well, just make up your mind. I personally look for the 
voiced opinions from the currently actice core developers. Namely: Derek, 
John, Geert, myself, and maybe I've forgotten one or two. Out of the 
statements from those people we make up the decision.

In this particular case: 
- John said very clear that the "higher level" documentation used to be put in 
texinfo or doxygen and it didn't work, so we should put it in the wiki. Nobody 
from the core developers objected, so please take this as a decision and 
continue to work on "higher level" design documentation only in the wiki. The 
texinfo files should be deleted as soon as the last remaining useful bits are 
copied into the wiki.
- The "lower level" i.e. the function-level documentation is in doxygen and 
should stay there.

In case I've misunderstood any of the previous discussion, feel free to 
comment or propose alternative solutions.



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