GnuCash 2.6.3 does not automatically create root account?

James Nylen jnylen+gnucash at
Fri Sep 19 14:34:37 EDT 2014

I created a new book in a blank MySQL database, and my version of GnuCash
did not automatically create the root account in the database.  Is this a
known issue?  A new bug?  Here's my version info:

james at computron ~ $ gnucash --version
GnuCash 2.6.3
This copy was built from rev 4e4a032+ on 2014-08-03.

I need the root account to exist so that I can run reports against the
account tree outside of GnuCash, so I added it to the `accounts` table with
the following query (`guid` found by looking at `parent_guid` of my
top-level accounts):

INSERT INTO `accounts` (`guid`, `name`, `account_type`, `commodity_guid`,
`commodity_scu`, `non_std_scu`, `parent_guid`, `code`, `description`,
`hidden`, `placeholder`) VALUES ('a3d7e8115b4631931e93047ca9dfba13', 'Root
Account', 'ROOT', NULL, '0', '0', NULL, '', '', '0', '0');

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