GnuCash XML sched-xaction split amount formatting

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Wed Apr 29 05:35:42 EDT 2015

In GnuCash XML, scheduled transaction splits do not have the <split:value/>
and <split:quantities/> set. Rather the amount is stored as a slot with key

I would like to know if the formatting of this amount is (device or
gnucash) locale-specific, or uniform across all GnuCash instances.

For me, it is formatted as , e.g. 200,00 or 2.500,00
Note the comma for decimal separator and period for thousands separator
(which would be correct for my device locale but incorrect for my GnuCash
locale which is en_US).
The formatting doesn't seem to change when I modify the GnuCash locale.

Can anyone shed some light on the formatting of the split amounts of
scheduled transactions?
It would help when parsing GnuCash XML files in GnuCash Android. Thanks.

Ngewi F.

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