GnuCash XML sched-xaction split amount formatting

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Thu Apr 30 11:57:05 EDT 2015

>> Oh, I didn't realize you were attempting to process the SXes in the
>> Android app!!  That changes things; I just assumed you wanted to make
>> sure you could read the GnuCash XML data and then re-write it back out
>> again.
>> *ponders*

Yes indeed, we are parsing the scheduled transactions and generating any missed ones. Then we also maintain the schedule in the app as long as the file is loaded in the database. 
>> Too bad you can't just incorporate the GnuCash engine (and file
>> backend) C code directly into your App.  ;)

That would be cool, although I don't know what the effort would be to hook into it. In what format does GnuCash handle it's data internally?  
SQL database? The SQL schema in the Android version is already similar and could be made even more so. Having the same code generating XML would definitely ease things. But I guess that's a rather looong term goal as Geert says. 

> One of the long-term goals... However it will be c++ code by then. We'd 
> love some more help getting the conversion done btw.

Does this conversion require extensive knowledge of the Gtk framework and the scheme language?

> More on topic though:
> Ngewi, you write that you intend to generate the transactions when an SX 
> is due. Knowing that gnucash will also create these transactions, 
> independently from GoA when they are due, won't this cause duplicate 
> entries when importing back from GoA to gnucash on the desktop ?

The scheduled transactions XML tracks things like the last run time, number of executions pending etc etc. We update all of that information as well.
I assume GnuCash looks at this before deciding if and how many transactions to generate from the scheduled template. That way there will be no duplicates. 
But please correct me if I'm wrong. 


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