GnuCash XML sched-xaction split amount formatting

Ngewi Fet ngewif at
Thu Apr 30 20:41:49 EDT 2015

> > > More on topic though:
> > > Ngewi, you write that you intend to generate the transactions when
> > > an SX is due. Knowing that gnucash will also create these
> > > transactions, independently from GoA when they are due, won't this
> > > cause duplicate entries when importing back from GoA to gnucash on
> > > the desktop ?
> > The scheduled transactions XML tracks things like the last run time,
> > number of executions pending etc etc. We update all of that
> > information as well. I assume GnuCash looks at this before deciding
> > if and how many transactions to generate from the scheduled template.
> > That way there will be no duplicates. But please correct me if I'm
> > wrong.
> >
> It depends. If you can update this information directly in the xml data
> file before gnucash loads it, that would indeed be the case.

Yes that is the idea. When the XML is exported from the Android app, the
scheduled transaction information is up-to-date.

> I thought however that the way to transfer from GoA to gnucash on
> desktop was via export-import. That is, gnucash imports data being
> exported from GoA ? If that is so the SX code will already have
> triggered before the user can import the updated information. Hence
> duplicate transactions...

Yes, export/import still works with QIF and normal transactions. However
XML is not meant for import (as GnuCash desktop cannot import XML anyway).
Opening, editing and saving XML allows a user to open their GnuCash file
on-the-go, make some modifications and then save it back to DropBox etc.

But you're right about duplicates if the user exports QIF from the app,
while the desktop also has the same .gnucash file open with scheduled
transactions. In that case, it is best to delete the SXs from the Android
device to avoid duplicates.

> Regards,
> > Ngewi

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