gnucash-devel Digest, Vol 142, Issue 14

Hendrik Boom hendrik at
Thu Jan 29 15:18:21 EST 2015

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 12:00:01PM -0500, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
> That sounds great, with one question: Are you able to write proper DocBook patches? That was the big blocker to getting documentation contributions the last time it came up here, and it's still unresolved except for those who are willing to dive in with a plain XML editor or to work with the foibles of the one extant free (unfortunately only as in beer) DocBook editor.

Not much good for patches to an existing document, but Asciidoc was 
designed for writing books (unlike Markdown), and will produce Docbook. 
Indeed I think that may have been its original purpose.

-- hendrik

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