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John Ralls jralls at
Sat Jul 18 12:09:23 EDT 2015

> On Jul 18, 2015, at 6:57 AM, milanm <milan.m at> wrote:
> Hi,
>    My company is working on website where user can add bank account
> details.
>    We want to implement one feature where user can download bank
> statements.
>    Do you provide any service/api through which we can import bank
> statements.
>    Please let me know if you have anything through which we implement the
> above feature.

Thank you for your interest in GnuCash.

GnuCash supports OFX DirectConnect via aqbanking ( and can import several standard financial file formats including QIF and OFX/QFX. There is no server implementation and since GnuCash is single-user and single-threaded writing one would be quite difficult.

GnuCash and most of its dependencies are licensed under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU General Public License (, which might impact your ability to incorporate it into proprietary software. Be sure that your legal folks fully understand the implications before proceeding.

John Ralls

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