Patch : editing "Posted" time of transactions.

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Thu May 28 09:37:47 EDT 2015

Dear developers,

For my work I had to patch gnucash-2.6.5 so that time of transactions are
displayed and editable, and so that new transactions are correctly timestamped.

I plan to release the resulting patches. What licence should I ask my boss to
let you use these patches ?

If you want to test them, they are attached to this mail.

They may not suit you:

- The default timezone used for display *should* be specified in the
  environment variable TZ in the form "[^-+]*+HHMM$", HH and MM being hours and
  minutes to add to UTC times to get the local time (including the possible
  daylight saving time correction).

- These patches cannot be disabled by configuration (a patch to is lacking).

- A lot of debugging messages related to this patch are written to standard

Other details, from the ChangeLog:

Patch to show the timezone and time at left of date (enlarge date
column of the ledger to see that). The time +0000 00:00:00 is
implicit when loading gnucash files created without this patch. The
time +0000 12:00:00 is implicit when the user do not specify a time.
The entered date will override a Posted time of +0000 12:00:00, if
entered date is within 13h of posted date. This is useful to
timestamp new transactions.

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