Patch : editing "Posted" time of transactions.

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Thu May 28 16:46:00 EDT 2015

Thank you very much to discuss with me.

> That changes the way the database is interpreted

I disagree.

If the user loads a .gnucash file then edits it and saves it, the date field of
a preexisting transaction only changes if:

- the date field used another timezone than +0000 (gnucash-2.4), in which case
  it is now in the +0000 timezone (that happens even without my patch).
- the user explicitely modified it.
- the transaction is dated 1200Z (current patch) and of less than two days old,
  and the user updated another field of that transaction.

>                                                   so it disqualifies this
> patch from going into stable.

I think that the coding and debugging style, the TZ environment variable and
the lack of patch to are better reasons to disqualify it.

> gnc_time(NULL) - gnc_timeutc(NULL).

Thanks, I've bookmarked them. I'll try them next time I work on that.

> Multiple invocations of --debug and --extra have no effect, but neither of
> them turn on debug logging. They turn on info logging for selected domains.
> To get debug logging in qof use --log qof=debug.

>From gnucash --help:

--debug     Enable debugging mode: increasing logging to provide deep detail.
--extra     Enable extra/development/debugging features.
--log       Log level overrides, of the form

Now that I understood what you just explained, I suggest something like:

--debug     Enable troubleshooting mode: provide deep details in logging.
            Implies "--log qof=info".
--extra     Enable development/troubleshooting/other features.
--log       Log level overrides, of the form "modulename={debug,info,

> A PINFO call would only prevent compilation if you called it the wrong way,
> and only where you called it.

PINFO was marked by gcc as an undefined keyword. I am sure I had to add a
header line, but I did not know which one.

> If you enter the transactions in the correct order then they won't, absent
> entries in the Num field. If you don't, no big deal, so long as everything
> balances out at the end of the day.

Modifying the order of transactions or inserting transaction is difficult.

I also use gnucash for official accounting. To be able to follow the order
printed by the bank on paper, I had before this patch to move transaction by
touching them in the right order (or to misuse the num field). Now it is much
more easier.

> A clarifications as well: You're running a VNC client on the Android tablet,
> but GnuCash is running on a different computer on one of the supported
> operating systems. VNC just lets you see and interact with that other
> computer's GUI from the tablet.

In my case, gnucash-2.6.5 is running on the same android tablet. See or, better than my case,

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