Online banking

Paul Tirk paultirk at
Mon Oct 5 04:11:55 EDT 2015


Am 30.09.2015 17:04, schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Paul,
> I would recommend you either consider another AqB JSON plugin, or a
> generic GnuCash JSON plugin.  I'm not sure which approach would be
> easier to implement.  AqB does already have a bunch of code for account
> management and network I/O, as well as the complete(ish) integration
> into the GnuCash UI.  So, it might be easier to plug in there, where 
> all
> you really have to do is the data layer.
> -derek

Thank you Derek for your suggestions, it indeed sounds reasonable to 
plug into the AqBanking library
because of the already existing account handling and the integration 
into the UI.

Thanks again to all for your helpful replies and keep up the good work!


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