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Sat Oct 17 20:52:22 EDT 2015

> On Oct 17, 2015, at 4:06 PM, Matt Graham <matt_graham2001 at> wrote:
> G’day all,
> Now that I finally have myself set up to be able to view, edit and test the gnucash sources, I have come across the limitation of using text editors (using nano at the moment...) to code. Can anyone recommend a good program for doing coding for Gnucash? I’m mainly looking at the C side of things rather than guile, but a program that can do multiple types of code would be useful. Preferably ones that are supported on both windows and linux.



Among us grizzled old-timers there are two camps, those who prefer emacs and those who prefer vi/vim (I’m in the emacs camp). The less grizzled prefer integrated development environments, or IDEs, of which I think Eclipse is the most popular. The IDEs are perhaps easier to learn than emacs or vi at the expense of being more mouse-oriented. All of those work on Windows, Mac, and X11, and probably Wayland and Unity too. Both emacs and vim provide integration with the compiler and debugger and so are just as much development environments as any IDE, there’s just some assembly required to get all the pieces installed and working. They’re also infinitely customizable, thus providing an infinite time sink…

John Ralls

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