Some requests for changes to documentation of Help Manual.

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Thu Oct 29 13:35:45 EDT 2015

1.  The English version of the Help manual Table 4.7 calls the sixth button
"General Journal". In the English version of the actual program it is
"General Ledger".  I recall that there was some reason for using one of
those names instead of the other, but the reason escapes me at the moment.
Whichever is incorrect should be fixed.

2. The "Account Register/General Journal" section should have some
differentiation described for General Journal,  "with sub-accounts" views
and for security account register views where running balances have
different meanings and different columns may appear.

3.  The "General Journal" section accessed from Table 4.7 but hanging at
the end of the "Common Transaction Operations" section should be moved to
the Account Register/General Journal" section and be elaborated to indicate
that it is a special window and that the Tools and Assistants > Find dialog
search types work differently in that window. Once a Find has been done in
the "General Ledger" window, to return to the previously selected (and
saved?) filter settings for that window one would either need to open a new
General Ledger window or search for an all-inclusive criterion such as
description not = regex "" with the search type "add results to current
search" selected.

4.  The first Tools and Assistants > Find Dialog description of the type of
search, which is for 'normal' searches should be identified as 'normal' and
not for business searches.  Then the behavior description should be
corrected as follows:  The first paragraph should indicate that depending
on where the search was started from, the first or second type of search is
pre-selected as the search type, but any of the four may be selected.  Then
after the Find button is pressed, the results may appear in a new window or
in the same window, depending on certain conditions.  If the search has
been initiated from the Accounts window or an account register window and
the first or second choice of type is selected, the results will appear in
a new results window.  If the search is initiated from an account register
but type button "add" or "delete" is selected, the search results opens in
a new window but it covers all transaction splits, not just the transaction
splits containing that account register.
If the search has been initiated from a General Ledger (General Journal?)
window or from a results window of a previous search, the same window is

The type "Refine" must have some significance, but I failed to figure that
Note that I did not test every combination of conditions, and this
description should be reviewed for correctness for other sets of conditions.

There may be a better way to organize all of the above, so I will defer
formalizing this into a documentation bug report until after seeing
feedback on this message.

David C

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