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Chris Good chris.good at
Sun Aug 14 23:11:27 EDT 2016

Hi Geert,


There's a couple of problems with gnucash-docs/util/ on Ubuntu
16.04 which makes it update (almost?) every image file each time it runs.


1. The identify utility in imagemagick Version: 8: returns
an unrounded dpi. E.g


existing_dpi=$(identify -format "%x" "$figure")

echo $existing_dpi



2. It seems this script expects $existing_dpi to be suffixed with
(space)PixelsPerCentimeter but this doesn't happen for me.


I was thinking of fixing these problems by using something like:

                existing_dpi=$(identify -format "%x" "$figure")

                existing_dpi=${existing_dpi% PixelsPerCentimeter}        #
strip possible trailing (space)PixelsPerCentimeter

                existing_dpi=$( printf '%.2f' "$existing_dpi" )
# round to 2 decimals


I guess there is a way to do this all on 1 line but I'd have to do some
research and I prefer KISS principle anyway.


Is this portable enough?



Chris Good


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