Get stock quotes for specified date

Stefan Söffing soeffing at
Fri Dec 9 16:30:07 EST 2016


the price editor currently is able to retrieve today's stock quote for
the price db. Sometimes it can be useful to retrieve stock quotes for a
specified historic date, e.g. to update the prices for the last day of
the financial year as a basis for reporting using the "Nearest in time"
price source.

I'd like to suggest to add this feature by introducing a new pop-up
window with a date selector to the "Get Quotes" button (similar to the
"remove old" pop-up). I understand that there is an example script
delivered with GnuCash to serve a similar purpose, i.e. retrieving a
series of quotes over a given time-period, so obviously the
Finance::Quote part is able to handle historic data as well.

If this is considered a worthwhile enhancement I'd be happy to assist in
implementation. Unfortunately, however, I figured out that the relevant
part is scripted in Scheme. While I do have some (long-forgotten)
experience with C, that scm language thing looks quite cryptic to me.
Nevertheless if someone was willing to adapt the scheme part I'd like to
try my best in supporting the C development part as much as possible...

Thanks for listening.

- Stefan

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