Patch : editing "Posted" time of transactions.

gLETTERyYuMEANSj LETTERyOt gletteryyumeansjletteryot at
Mon Feb 22 10:21:32 EST 2016

My patchset is not ready yet.

After three weeks of intensive testing (without any crash :-), I
finally stumbled on a bug.

That bug is that, when editing a transaction done when the daylight
settings is not the same as the time of edition, the date is going
earlier and earlier. To enter a correct time, it is now necessary add
*three times* that time difference.

2016-01-28 19:54 UTC+01:00, John Ralls <jralls at>:
> BTW your
> incorrectly copies a GCC bug:
> *and* overrides a
> #define that belongs to the libc/libc++ headers.
> (The bug was the result of the GCC folks following an effort by the ISO C
> committee to tell the ISO C++ committee what to do. The ISO C++ committee
> ignored them, but the GCC folks didn't. The ISO C committee fixed their
> overstep in C11. See
> Please remove that commit.

This is yet to be done, and I also have to undo some color editing (I
am vision impaired).

> Don't change ChangeLog. It's automatically generated from the git log at
> each release.

This has been done.

> You removed the code for the auto-read-only threshold.

This has been corrected (as discussed earlier).

> Don't use Timespec in new code, use time64.

This is still future work.

> Don't remove function description comments; do make them Doxygen markup.

This has been corrected (as discussed earlier).

> Don't use magic numbers. Create static const variables (not #defines!) with
> descriptive names.

This has been done.


>> * if TZ is not defined, gnucash crashes immediately.
> The crashes alone make this patch incomplete and unacceptable as-written.

This has been corrected.

> That's all I have time for now, and I won't have more for a couple of weeks.
> In that time, please rewrite your submission taking the above into account
> and complying with Put it in a
> feature branch and squash out irrelevant commits. I'll do a deeper review
> then.

Sorry, I am not yet ready.

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