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Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Mon Feb 22 14:36:36 EST 2016

(I removed gnucash-user from the cc list)

On Monday 22 February 2016 18:26:03 Pedro Albuquerque wrote:
> Hi,
> About the merge, it's just an idea, thank you for your comment, I'll
> think about that.
There has been another discussion recently [1] about merging the two documents together.

Those involved in the discussion roughly came to the conclusion it would be good to merge 
both documents together. However the merged document would contain both a part for context 
help (which is currently in the help manual) and a part for concepts and for tutorials.

So essentially the separate topics of both current documents would remain, just put together in 
one document.

The main motivation to merge would be to avoid duplication of content. Current documents 
have quite some overlap in information although they are consulted in different contexts. In 
one document it would be easier to keep the context menu help more concise and link from 
there to related tutorials and concepts somewhere else in the document. Technically this would 
also be possible with two independent documents, but much harder to accomplish for all 
document formats we support. In one document, we can add links between topics in all 
document formats (from docbook sources to pdf, mobi, epub...).

> About the other issue, like I said, there was a previous discussion
> about the use of GC in certain countries. It started, if I'm not
> mistaken, with a Swedish user and their tax authority imposing the
> existence of a non editable file. Here most business have to be online
> with the tax authority's servers.
> Both these are, to say the least, very restrictive to an official use
> of GC.

I agree with you that due to legal restrictions gnucash can't be used for business purposes in all 
countries. That's however not sufficient reason to separate the business documentation out into 
a separate document.

Many people are not using credit cards. Should that mean the credit card documentation should 
be separated out as well ? How about financial markets tracking (stocks, bonds, shares,...). Only 
a subset of users use that.

I think it can easily remain in one single document. If some user is not using business features, 
he can just skip these chapters while reading.




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