Docs Development Workflow: Am I Barking Up The Right Tree?

David T. sunfish62 at
Wed Feb 24 20:27:11 EST 2016

Hey all,

I’m ba-ack!!!

Having set aside work on documentation for a while, I thought I’d try to implement some of the documentation suggestions that have come up on the lists recently. As Geert and Frank know, I ran into some troubles when I looked at my outdated local Git repository. The quick fix was to nuke the whole thing and start over.* 

With a fresh fork on GitHub and a new SourceTree repository, I decided to take on a simple documentation edit: Bug 762088, which is a request (by me, as it turns out) to remove a small section from the Guide. I will throw myself on the mercy of the list to check whether I have proceeded appropriately into the Git Forest. Here are the steps I have taken:

1) I noticed that SourceTree was pointing at master, and somewhere in my brain I recalled something about making my changes to maint, so I changed SourceTree to use maint. 

2) I created a new branch for work on the bug, which I famously called “bug-762088”.

3) I called up ch_capgain.xml in Xcode, made the edits, and saved the file.

4) I told SourceTree to commit the changes and issue a pull request.

My points of doubt:

A) Is this how it is supposed to go? When I look on Github, I see an open Pull Request on my repository that says I have requested to merge this into maint. I think that’s what it’s supposed to be, but I don’t know for sure.

B) What happens next? Does someone in the development group act on this? Where will this next action appear? Github? Gnucash-devel? Bugzilla?

C) Do I do something on bugzilla?

D) If the GnuCash Politburo approves my commit, what do I have to do on my end to ensure that my Forking copy is up to date, and that I am seeing the most current version of the documentation? The Scorched Earth method is already old.

E) If I am looking to keep working on other documentation bugs, what should I do next? Do I repeat steps 2-4 above? What kinks am I going to encounter if I’m not careful?


* I will note that my current state of the art is to follow this procedure. I know that this is not the most efficient method, but...

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