Docs Development Workflow: Am I Barking Up The Right Tree?

David T. sunfish62 at
Thu Feb 25 13:47:34 EST 2016


The wiki page ( <>) gives different commands than these. Specifically, the commands for the docs are listed there as:

cd docs/guide/C
xmllint --valid --noout gnucash-guide.xml
xsltproc -o ../../../output_html/ ../../xsl/general-customization.xsl gnucash-guide.xml
cd docs/help/C
xmllint --valid --noout gnucash-help.xml
xsltproc -o ../../../output_html/ ../../xsl/general-customization.xsl gnucash-help.xml

Perhaps you were crossing up the application compilation with the docs compilation?


> On Feb 25, 2016, at 11:18 AM, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
> So far so good. There's one more step you should do before committing: configure and run make && make check. Make check will run some XML checks to make sure your change complies with the DocBook DTD. After running make you'll have an HTML version of the doc with your changes which you can review in your browser which is a bit friendlier for proof-reading. The instructions are on the wiki Documentation page; I'll repeat them here for your convenience:
> mkdir build 
> cd build
> ../configure 
> make
> make check
> To view e.g. the guide in your browser, type in the following URL. It assumes that you put gnucash-docs in your user directory and that you made your user "sunfish42". Adjust as necessary and notice the 3 slashes after file:

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