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Pedro Albuquerque palbuquerque73 at
Fri Feb 26 16:56:30 EST 2016


since reports documentation is not really available, here is an idea.

I think it can be consensual that reports should have a dedicated
section, since they affect both business and personal finances, and are
the only way to keep our accountants happy  ;-) .

So, I used the existing ch_reports.xml as base and:

1 - Divided it, because it seemed to me that a single file for all
reports documentation would be to big. There isn't any logical reason
for this split.
2 - The split is based on the Reports Menu it self. Apart the general
concepts, there is a file for each sub-menu and one for the general
3 - Another file/section could be created for the How-to's, or they
could be integrated in the Example section.
4 - I used the existing tables and expanded them to the list of
available reports. 
5 - I did not create anything, except some links between tables and
files, and the screenshots, and even those would have to be EXIF cleaned
and size adjusted.
6 - Nothing is finished nor complete. I used Accounts Summary Report as
the only example to illustrate my idea.

7 - I didn't use git patch because I wouldn't know how. Please forgive
my ignorance, but this way is easier for me, and probably for you
I think I've made my fair share of git mistakes for you to endure with.

As said before, I'm available to help, but never to create unnecessary
discussions. It's just an idea, please do completely disregard it if it
is not in line with the roadmap or any other existing guidelines. Since
it was accepted within my translation (to be changed, if needed), here
is the English version with one single not pt translated example.


P.S.: my github fork is updated, I think, so the files should be also
available there.
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