Authorization for commercial derivative work of GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide

Mike or Penny Novack mpnovack at
Mon Jul 4 19:56:36 EDT 2016

On 7/4/2016 9:54 AM, John Ralls wrote:
> Read the original letter again. He's asking about copying parts of the 
> Tutorial and Concepts Guide, which is published under the GNU Free 
> Documentation License, or GFDL. That's separate from the program's 
> copyrights and licenses. Regards, John Ralls . 

Yes of course, he could not do THAT, actually incorporate it. I was 
responding to what appeared to be a broader interpretation of what he 
could not do. That's because I can see how he could accomplish (much, 
probably all) of what he says he wants to do without being in 

Michael D Novack

Michael D Novack

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