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John Ralls jralls at
Tue Jul 5 23:06:23 EDT 2016

> On Jul 5, 2016, at 4:42 PM, Chris Good <chris.good at> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Re your last change to :
> Github pull requests: This is the preferred method if the change is 
> non-trivial and there isn't already a bug report on the matter.
> The above implies to me that if there IS already a bug report, you'd prefer a 
> patch. Is that correct?


I'm trying to make contributing palatable to all comers.

In reality it depends on how complex the patch is. If it's a big change I'd rather review it on Github than in plain text on a bug. OTOH if it's a simple fix it makes more sense and is less work to just do a format-patch and upload it to BZ, especially if the user doesn't have a github account already. I wouldn't want to make it seem like that sort of patch is a second-class contribution, and I don't want to make that paragraph so laden with if-this-then-that that it turns off casual bug-fixers.

Can you come up with better wording?

John Ralls

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