New Account Dialog

David T. sunfish62 at
Wed Jul 27 02:25:11 EDT 2016


In recent weeks, there have been a number of threads on the user list in which users have had difficulties setting up accounts for equities and mutual funds. These users have not been able to set the Security/Currency to an appropriate value because the account type was not correctly set.

I believe that the New Account dialog contributes to this problem by the way it is set up. The sequence of fields in the dialog does not match the required sequence of input; the user must correctly set the Account Type field (located at the bottom of the dialog) *BEFORE* they can correctly set the Security/currency field. 

Not only is this sequence confusing to new users, it is an annoyance for experienced users as well, since the user must manually relocate to the type field, set the type, and then manually relocate back to the currency field to set it. This quickly gets burdensome.

At the very least, I would suggest that it would be much clearer and easier to all users to have the Account Type field placed immediately after the Description field, and that it be changed to a drop down list. This would make it clearer to new users and more efficient for others, without entailing a great deal of change to the program.

I can add a bug to bugzilla if it seems that this would be useful.


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