New Account Dialog

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Wed Jul 27 20:31:33 EDT 2016


This will be short as I am on a cell phone right now.

I would like to see a summary paragraph that clarifies that a typical
example of an account structure would include an asset account to represent
an account at a brokerage firm.  That would be denominated in your local
currency and it would include sub accounts for each security that you trade

Purchases, sales, income and expenses should all be in the same currency
for that brokerage.

The security sub accounts would each be configured to contain units of a
single security selected from the master security list and they are
expected to use the same currency as the brokerage account.

Security prices are kept in a separate table that relates individual
securities (not security accounts ) to a single currency in that part of
the table.

If the user has multiple currencies,  all that stuff should be duplicated
in each currency.

This should be reviewed for accuracy and grammatical consistency by a
developer before being committed to the documentation, and it should
probably fall near the beginning of section 8 of the tutorial.

David C

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