gc_prune_bayes_data.pl (CPAN has a POD::Markdown module)

Lincoln A Baxter lab at lincolnbaxter.com
Sat Jul 30 12:05:14 EDT 2016

Hi Chris,

+John Ralls who also just suggested using github.

I think I'm going to setup a github account and put this script (and
some others) there. I've been thinking about this for a while anyway
for my Sys::SigAction module, for which I'm still using subversion on
my system.  

+gnucash-devel:  I'm thinking of setting this script up, and several
others (like the script that will move selected transactions from one
account to another, and one that will remove transactions whose dates
are greater or lesser than some timestamp) in CPAN as
GnuCash::Utilities, once I extract the library routines into a separate
module.  Any concerns or objections to me creating the
GnuCash::Utilties namespace in CPAN?

Note: I am aware that someone is working to fix the bayes account
references, from account names, to the account guids.  So the functions
of this script that renames the account references in the bayes slot
data (after one has renamed or moved an account in the CG) would be
made obsolete by that change.

FYI, Chris, there is no need to do any manual conversions of the .txt
man page to markdown format.  I can generate a markdown page from the
embedded POD (Plain Old Documentation) the same way the .txt was
generated (Thanks for offering):

	pod2text gc_prune_bayes_data.pl > gc_prune_bayes_data.txt
pod2markdown gc_prune_bayes_data.pl > gc_prune_bayes_data.md

The POD is used by the script's command line options like --man --help, and the usage error exit.

I'll let you know when I've got this setup in github. Then we can provide a link to it on the GC Wiki page.  

Thanks again, for engaging in the conversation, and in connecting me with Cheryl and her patch.


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