multi-column saved reports stomp on each other

Wm tcnw81 at
Thu Mar 24 18:16:47 EDT 2016

On 22/03/2016 23:52, Wm wrote:

> Anyway, the more serious issue is that multi-column reports stomp on
> each other in a nasty way.
> It isn't:
> - the size of a report (bytes on disk), tried very big
> - it isn't the size of the saved-reports file, tried very big
> - it isn't the number of reports in saved-reports, tried lots
> - it isn't local memory, the error occurs when plenty free available
>   but poss running out of another internal resource ?
> - the number of reports in the multi-col, tried lots
> Can I reproduce it to order?  Unfortunately not, I've been trying to pin
> this down for a few months now and I'm getting closer but not there yet
> so let's see if anyone else recognises ...

Progress, I can now reproduce this at will on both Win and Linux


Linux Lubuntu64 3.16.0-67-generic
2.6.11 home build

I'm working on creating a suitably anonymous test file set because the

load 3 multi-col reports, the 4th will go wrong

isn't going to stand up by itself as it requires a certain sequence and
certain reports.  I'll add to bugzilla once I've got the e.g. done.

The work around is to exit and not save any reports, the problem with
the work around is it isn't always obvious a report has gone wrong so
not really a work around.


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