[MAINT] Unexpected Servce Outages on code.gnucash.org

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 28 21:08:31 EDT 2016



code.gnucash.org was having resource issues, has been reconfigured,
rebooted, and appears to be running normally now.  However at some point
in the future the VM will need to be taken offline for an extended
period of time to reconfigure disks and filesystems.

It is possible that some mail was lost in the process (I know at least
ONE message appears to have been lost, so others may have as well).  If
so, I'm sorry but you'll need to re-send the email if it didn't make it
to the list.  Please check the archives.

long version:

As some may have noticed, some of the services provided by
code.gnucash.org have been.... intermittant... over the past few days.
With the help of JRalls and finster I've deduced that there is/was a
resource issue on the VM that runs code.  To that end I had to reboot
code a few times on short notice and I've increased the RAM available to
the VM by 33%.  At this point all services appear to be running normally
and the resource constraints on the VM appear to have been
(temporarily?) alleviated.

Down the road (in the hopefully not too distant future) I'd like to move
the VM system to SSD.  Due to physical limitations of the server this
will require removing physical disks from the system.  In order to
accomplish that I will need to take the system offline and shrink the
existing file system and reconfigure LVM.  Once it's reconfigured I can
remove two physical disks and then use those slots for a pair of
mirrored 2TB SSDs.

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