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John Ralls jralls at
Sun May 1 10:37:13 EDT 2016

> On May 1, 2016, at 5:44 AM, Robert Fewell <14ubobit at> wrote:
> John,
> I have poked around in GDB for the timezone problem and this is what I have found after setting break points on lines, 86, 117, 142, 169, 219, 242, 257 of gnc-timezone.cpp
> From 258 to 90 returns with key_name = 'GMT Standard Time'
> To 123 and returns with std_name = 'GMT Standard Time' and dlt_name = 'GMT Summer Time'
> From 222 to 148 and then onto the failure at 658
> Some GDB output below, I also added some code to print the zone_vector in a loop at line 657 before the find operation and got NO out put compared to my Linux VM which produced 24 entries.
> I am not sure zone_vector is being populated !!


Seriously, "GMT Standard Time", not "British Standard Time"? What's the key_name on Win7?

Comparing with Linux isn't useful, Windows has its own way of handling time zone information that's different from Unix.

John Ralls

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