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> John, 
> Thanks for the follow up.  
> "You seem to be a bit confused about task separations, though."
> What I was suggesting is that the GUI would display the existing records and provide a way for the user to tell the server to create new records via API calls. Other than that, all processing would be done by the server. And from what you said, it sounds like that's where it's headed.
> I'd offer to help with this effort but although I've done some programming, it's all been for Windows (I wouldn't even know where to begin programming for cross platform). That and I'm trying to get a new business off the ground - - which is why I sought out a good accounting software - - in addition to my full time job leaving me very little free time. 

It's a bit more complicated than that, because the GUI also has to present a view for editing data, whether creating new or modifying existing. There are several ways to approach that, of course.

No, that's not where it's headed. It's headed towards an MVC implementation with a SQL backend. The SQL backend can be remote, but all processing would be local. That's probably less than ideal for synchronizing heavy-duty multiuser but it's much easier to program and also to package. GnuCash isn't intended for use cases requiring heavy-duty concurrency anyway.

John Ralls

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