New Report to End All Reports

Aaron Laws dartme18 at
Tue May 17 17:05:43 EDT 2016

I have a need for a report that I don't see in GNUCash: Net Current Assets.
Show all current assets and current liabilities (selected by user), and
subtract them. (If this exists, please show me.) I think I could hobble
something together by (ab)using the profit & loss report on assets and

When I was considering what would be required to create this report in
code, being a programmer, I thought of the problem abstractly. Abstractly,
the report I want resembles a syntax tree. I simply want to be able to take
values, perform operations on them, and add labels. The syntax tree for my
report would look like this: Headings are
automatically generated from account names, and the user must give headings
to the aggregators to signify their meaning. One can image what the balance
sheet and Profit & Loss reports might look like from this perspective.

I've seen a number of requests for this report or that, and the outlook
isn't usually positive. With general functionality such as that described
above, it would be at least technically possible to create many of the
reports requested.

Anyway, I post here to find out if there is functionality like this
anywhere in GNUCash, or if it would be appreciated as a contribution.

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