New Report to End All Reports

Aaron Laws dartme18 at
Wed May 18 10:03:04 EDT 2016

On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 5:22 PM, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
> The Balance Sheet report shows you net worth. You probably didn't
> recognize it because the accounting word for it is "equity". Recall that
> the accounting equation is Assets = Liabilities + Equity*, so by
> associativity Equity = Assets - Liabilities.
When we say Assets = Liabilities + Equity, it means All Assets = All
Liabilities + All Equity. This works if I include all (non-$0) assets,
liabilities and equity, and do so when there are no revenues nor expenses
(just after closing the books). At any other time, or in any other way,
that equation doesn't hold, and even in that specific case, it's not the
information I'm seeking.

Attached is a small sample (hopefully it comes through okay). When I get a
balance sheet only selecting the current assets and liabilities, the
resulting report looks like this: which
shows $0 for equity (because I didn't select any equity accounts).

In this case, since my checking account has $15, and credit card has $12, I
would like to see that my net current assets are $3. This purposefully
leaves out the fixed asset which makes the net worth much higher.

I'm not convinced that this should be a separate report in gnucash; it
seems like an ad-hoc, one-off report to satisfy a curiosity of mine, much
like report requests from other users. How is the suggestion for a
flexible, general report taken? Maybe it should be called a report builder?
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