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Bob Gustafson bobgus at rcn.com
Sun Oct 9 11:54:12 EDT 2016

"Lots" are important when figuring capital gains taxes (in the US anyway).

When partially selling a stock position, it is useful to know when the 
lots were purchased. If more than one year in the past, that lot 
qualifies for a lower tax.

If there are losses in a stock position, it may be advantageous to sell 
lots having been purchased less than one year ago - as Uncle Sam helps 
out paying some of the losses.

On 10/09/2016 10:33 AM, Geert Janssens wrote:
> On Sunday 09 October 2016 11:51:46 Chris Good wrote:
>> I'd like to also briefly mention that the Lots in Account window is
>> used for business functions for the links between invoices and
>> payments/credits.
>> Can some-one please confirm that in the business functions, the Lots
>> in Account window is used ONLY for viewing links between invoices and
>> credits?
>> I assume any actual linking should only be done by the business
>> functions, not this window?
> In the context of business features the Lots in Account window is not
> used in normal operation. In this context the lots are generated and
> manipulated internally by the code and should normally not be used
> directly. The only reason to go to the Lots in Account window is to
> correct mistakes that are hard to correct otherwise (either due to bugs
> in past versions of gnucash or due to unintended use of said features).
> Some of these use cases are found on this wiki page
> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Business_Features_Issues
>> On a side issue, there was a question recently on gnucash-user from
>> some-one else about trying to use lots for capital gain/loss of
>> currencies (commodities?), and I didn't see any response.
>> Can any-one confirm this is possible or is it just wishful thinking?
> I don't know about this.
>> Likewise, I was wondering it is possible to use lots for capital
>> gain/loss of (possibly depreciated) fixed assets?
> Same here.
> Geert
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