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Sat Oct 15 16:05:00 EDT 2016

On 11/10/2016 09:33, José JORGE wrote:
> hi,
> I am a Gnucash end user for years, and also it's packager for the Mageia
> Linux distro.
> French law now requires to be able to export in a well defined XML
> format following an XSD structure file :
> I wonder if it would be easy to add this export to Gnucash, as I can see
> in gnucash-fr ML this is a big problem.
> I could try myself if someone points me where to start, as I am myself
> in the need of this function. My structure could also donate some money
> to gnucash to make this happen.

In addition to other replies I'd like to suggest a dump + translate

I expect that is what Sebastien will have offered you (he will say if I
am wrong).


1) I expect other governments are going to require slightly different
filings as time goes by.

2) it is silly to go through the process anew for each government and
per government change when the underlying data isn't changing, but the
government silliness is


export to ledger-cli (or beancount) format (Sebastien's piecash can do
this and a number of other tools can too) and I expect Sebastien is
using this sort of dump code anyway as I said above.

Then we have "all of us" plus "all of the text-accounting folk" with one
input file format and one output file format for each of the mildly
competitive governments ... that way we all solve one problem together,


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